I am using different technics and materials. For example I can paint with acrylics, airbrush, gouache, oil...
Acrylics, gouache, watercolour completely different than oil. These pages are prepared for oil technic that I am using.

You may see my oil colours by clicking top image. This is hand prepared chart prepared by me. It's help me to check their transparencies and real tones.
I am usually using Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colour. And I am finding some extra colours from Grumbacher. Here is the my colour list. I am using this colours depends on my wishes...

Brown Pink,
Terra Rosa,
Venetian Red,
Brown Ochre,
Burnt Sienna,
Raw Umber,
Raw Sienna,
VanDyke Brown,
Burnt Umber,
Yellow Ochre,
Naples Yellow,
Lemon Yellow Hue,
Indian Yellow,
Chrome Yellow Hue,
Cadmium Yellow Light,
Cadmium Yellow Medium,
Yellow Ochre Pale,
Cadmium Orange,
Cadmium Scarlet,
Alizarin Crimson,
Cadmium Red Light,
Permanent Carmine,
Scarlet Lake,
Rose Dore,
Bright Red,
Vermillion Hue,
Cadmium Red Hue,
Permanent Magenta,
Purple Madder,
Manganese Blue Hue,
Prussian Blue,
Phthale Blue,
Cerulean Blue Hue,
Cobalt Blue,
Cobalt Turquoise,
French Ultramarine,
Winsor Green,
Sap Green,
Permanent Green Light,
Permanent Green,
Permanent Green Deep,
Cobalt Chromite Green,
Terre Verte,
Greenish Umber,
Davy’s Gray,
Paynes Gray,
Titanium White,
Iridescent White,
Transparent White,
Ivory Black,
Lamp Black,
Blue Black.
I am using turpenoid for thinning oils, be careful turpentine is different than turpenoid. I am using turpentine only for cleaning my brushes. Thickened Linseed Oil, Venice Turpentine, Damar Varnish. I am mixing them in a small metal bottle. You may see this mediums at the picture at left.
Sometimes I am adding only Liquin, if I want to work with more transparency with softness.
Or for very fast drying oils I am very rarely adding Cobalt Drier onto my palette. It's very difficult because need to be really quick for working with cobalt drier. Or alkyd paint medium maybe added instead of cobalt drier.
I am not using any special brand on brushes. I am going to Pearl Art, Dick Blick store and I am selecting with my eye and feeling with my fingers. Usually I am choosing rounded brushes. Isabey, Dick Blick, Robert Simmons, Winsor&Newton brands are great. Sable and soft hair brushes are more stable and perfect for glazing. Even sometimes watercolour brushes maybe good.

But I am everytime trying different brands. I am feeling their quality when I was buying. Some cheaper brushes like loew is also good especialy for hard light effectss; but it's disfiguring after first oil painting.
First of all it must be 100% acidfree. I don't want to see any crashes on my paintings in a few years. I am using this brands: Fredrix Ultra Smooth, portrait Grade Canvas, Gessoboard, Masonite, Arches. I am looking usually absorbent in appropriate degree surfaces with very thin textures.
I just needed to paint a horse. These are preliminary sketches. And I have more than here.
I am usually working only actions and compositions on my preliminary sketches. Like what should be horse’s action. I prefer to spend least one or two days. If I need to take some photos it may take longer. After my first sketches I will get some reference photos to fix my anatomy errors. We have a kodak branded DX6490 digital camera. And if I find a farm I am spending my time with horses depend on weather condition.
I am transferring last sketch to gessoboard with using transfer paper. I am applying this method only for oil paints. And I am starting to prepare my palette. I am referring to my colour chart. I prepared it before and hanged to my wall. Then I am using some metal jars to mix my mediums. They have metal covers to close tightly them, so I can use my mediums for longer time..
Also I am sometimes select to covered palettes... I know all authorities are advicing to wood dark colour palettes. But I am NOT. Because sometimes I am able find only a few hours in day to work, and I need to keep my colours wet for a long time.
And this is starting to paint... Usually I am starting from background. I am applying colour as a very thin layer. Painting size is small 14 x 18 inches.
I am starting to details with this very thin layer. My total labor increase to 5-6 hours approximately at this step. (only colour painting) If I Include the composition, searchings, drawings and sketchings this may be 2 days.
Please keep going on images...
I am still working on this painting. Please come again later and see what's going on...
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